The litlgeeks are some seriously lucky litlkids!  This weekend they got to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, which they LOVED!  And when they got home, sitting on their table, a brand new Magic Box, sent to us for free from their great friends at Hasbro!  What was in the box?….

Dancing Groot

Dancing Groot is so much fun!  He will say I am Groot, he will dance to music he plays from the movie soundtrack, and for the most fun, if you leave him on and don’t touch his button for 15 seconds, he goes into listen mode.  In this mode, if he hears any music / sound, he’ll light up and dance! 

Dancing Groot includes demo batteries and is intended for ages 4 and up.


Music Mix Star-Lord

Music Mix Star-Lord is a great way to take more of the songs out of the movie and into your living room!  By pressing Star-Lords button without the cassette inserted, he will say up to 25 phrases.  With the cassette, pressing the button will play tunes from the sound track!  Pair him up with Dancing Groot for a disco dancing good time!

Music Mix Star-Lord includes demo batteries and is intended for ages 4 and up.


Groot bop it

The classic and awesome fun of bop it with a twist!  A Groot twist!  Twist Groots head, bop his head, pull his legs, play alone or pass it to a friend!  Groot is voiced by Rocket Raccoon, so he says more than just “I Am Groot” to instruct you.  

bop it Groot is for ages 8 and up and includes demo batteries.


The whole gang!


The toys in this post / video were given to us for free for review.

Recommended ages for the toys in the video / post are listed in this post.

This post / video is for entertainment purposes only.

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