Guardians of the Galaxy Mashems 

The litlgeeks have always loved Mashems.  The litlgeeks have always loved Marvel.  Even more than Marvel, they can quote almost every word from Guardians of the Galaxy.  So when the Guardians showed up as Mashems, it was an easy win in our house!

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 hits theaters this Friday May 5th and the buzz can’t be any louder in our house for it.  These Mashems do an amazing job of re-creating lovable characters in the iconic Mashems art style right down to that Guardians swagger (see Star-Lord!).

The litlgeeks scored 3 unique Guardians from 6 blind packs, and that’s pretty good in the blind bag game.  They got Star-Lord, Ronan, and Groot!  Each is satisfyingly squishy as usual for Mashems.  

Mashems are available now pretty much everywhere, but if you want to stay home, you can pick up a bunch on Amazon and have a blast!

The product showcased in this post is recommended for ages 4 and up.
The litlgeeks received the product in this post for free for review purposes.
This post is for entertainment purposes only.

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