The litlgeeks have some great friends at Brain Games.  Brain Games sent us a copy of their latest game, Game of Trains, for free to share with you!  Now, the litlgeeks are a litl bit younger than the recommended age, but they still picked it up pretty quickly!  Let’s have a look!

Game of Trains is available now from Brain Games, wherever you buy great games, and definitely at Amazon.  The game does a great job of combining kids natural love of trains with numbers and learning!  The litgeeks can’t get enough!  

While the litlgeeks found a way to play their own way, the rules of the game as it was meant to be played are super fun and lead to great competition and deep thinking for every move.  It’s as social as it is complex, but at 4 and 7, it was a little bit deep for the litlgeeks to grasp.  8 is a great age to start thinking of the game and kids will only enjoy it more as they grow!



The product showcased in this post is recommended for ages 8 and up.
The litlgeeks received the product in this post for free for review purposes.
This post is for entertainment purposes only.


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