The litlgeeks have been in love with FlipaZoo since Toy Fair 2016.  Weird that while they loved them, they never actually got their hands on them.  Our friends at Jay @ Play fixed that today though, they sent us a box full of FlipaZoos for free to share with you!

FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles | Flipzee Plush

FlipaZoos are available in a bunch of different varieties.  What we look at today though:

FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles

These Mini Collectibles are available in blind bags, 101 to collect for ages 4 and up! They go from common to super rare, so start hunting today!  These are available directly from Flipazoo! $1.88 per blind bag, $9.88 for a 7-pack and $5.44 for a 3-pack!


Flipzee Plush

Flipzee Plush are available directly from FlipaZoo too!  These adorable plush toys are cute and flipping is so fun!  $3.88 each!


The litlgeeks received the toys in this post / video for free.

This post / video is for entertainment purposes only.

The toys in this video are for children ages 4 and up.

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