The litlgeeks have become huge fans of Eastcolight over the past few weeks.  Today, they unbox their seventh awesome Eastcolight product, the Science Time Volcanic Eruption and Rocket Chemistry Lab.  This great litlbox set has everything your litlgeek needs to perform three fun, safe, and exciting experiments!  This set is for ages 10 and up, but for this video, the litlgeeks were closely supervised by adults and wore safety goggles the whole time!



The Eastcolight Science Time Volcanic Eruption and Rocket Chemistry Lab includes three fantastic experiments, a volcano eruption, a rocket car, and a rocket…rocket.  The kit comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions, as well as facts and information about each experiment.  Everything you need to perform the experiments is included, clearly labeled, and all experiments are easy, fast and fun!  To learn more about this and other great Eastcolight products, head to



The litlgeeks received this product for free.

This product is for kids ages 10 and up.

This video and post are for entertainment purposes only.

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