Welcome to Eastcolight video NUMBER 5!!!  The litlgeeks are so lucky to have gotten a box of amazing STEM toys from their friends at Eastcolight.  Each one we’ve opened has been better than the last, and so far, today’s is litlninja’s favorite!  The Eastcolight Science Time 30 in 1 Basic Electronic Experiment Kit.  Let’s check it out!  And remember kids, this toy is for ages 8 and up, and even then, should only be used under adult supervision with all appropriate safety precautions!


The litlgeeks love exploring their world and seeing how things work.  this 30 in 1 Electronics Kit allowed for that in a big way.  litlninja and litlzombie both got a chance to see how electronics work!  The kid includes resistors, switches, bulbs, a buzzer, spring coils, wires, and most importantly, a book that details 30 unique and progressive experiments to teach kids how circuits work, and how electricity flows and powers things.  

We only showed one of the many experiments you can do in the video, and we used a little magic to do it, but the really neat thing is how easy this was!  The litlgeeks were screwing in coils and connecting wires in seconds, they were able to map out a circuit on their own by the third experiment.  That’s the other thing too!  After this video ended, the litlgeeks continued to experiment, they are on number 24, and we only recorded two days ago!  litlninja went to work with me the other day, and wouldn’t leave the house without this kit!  He was dazzling my coworkers with his new found love for electronics!  

Toys like these inspire and educate, a dollar value can’t be placed on them!  Which is good, because, we are still eagerly awaiting the Eastcolight online store / strategy to go live.  Keep your eyes out for the kit, hopefully soon!! You shouldn’t miss it!  What’s more, there are other kits all increasing in degree of difficulty and advancement from basic to higher than basic!  For more information, go visit our friends at Eastcolight – http://www.eastcolight.com/en-us/contact-us.

Anyone interested in using this should know, it is for ages 8 and and up.  It should only be used under adult supervision! Also, batteries are NOT included.


This product is for ages 8 and and up.  It should only be used under adult supervision!

The litlgeeks received this product for free.

This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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