The litlgeeks are kids.  Kids don’t always tell the truth.  What if you had a …lie detector for kids?!!?  Eastcolight steps up to the plate to fill that void with their fantastic and highly entertaining Master Spy Compact Lie Detector Set.  While the set is for entertainment purposes only, it is a ton of fun, and maybe you can wiggle some truth out of your litlgeeks!


The litlgeeks spent most of the rest of the day playing with the lie detector set, laughing in delight as they tried to trick the machine.  They did a few times, but for the most part, they were able to tell the truth and have it come up as true, and lie on purpose and have it come up as a lie.  They giggled almost the whole time.  This is an entertainment only item though, and you shouldn’t go tracking down criminals and try to get them to admit they robbed a bank using only this.  

A few notes on the set.  The detector has you place a headband and finger bands on the subject.  You turn the machine on, plug in the contacts and ask your question.  Then you press the analyze button.  A simple display tells you if the statement is a lie or the truth.  Super easy to use, fun lights light up to show that the machine is thinking.  Per the instructions the headband is really just for show and the important part is the finger bands.

This fun little set isn’t available just yet, and we don’t know the cost, but head on over to our friends at for more information as it becomes available.  


The litlgeeks received this product for free for review purposes.

The toys in this post are for children ages 8 and up.

This post and video are for entertainment purposes only.

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