Magic Box: Eastcolight Galaxy Tracker Nova 150 Smart Telescope

It’s taken us a while to get here, but the litlgeeks are proud and thrilled to present to you, the last in a series of videos of products from our great friends at Eastcolight.  Will this be our last Eastcolight video? We hope not!!  So many amazing products and so much fun to have.  You can check out their whole catalog at  So far, we’ve had fun looks at the Volcano and Rocket experiment kit, the Basic Electronics Experiment Kit, the 2-in1 Digital Camera Watch, the 3D Cyber Goggles, the Outdoor Science Kit, the Master Spy Compact Lie Detector Kit,  and the amazing Micro Science PeTiT Microscope set!  This is an absolutely amazing range of products for the litlgeeks to have been lucky enough to review.  Each interesting, each exciting, each full of STEM and educational goodness.  Eascolight is a company that needs to be on your roadmap for fun stuff to pick up for your own litlgeek.  All my yapping aside, I’m so excited to show you the Eastcolight Galaxy Tracker Nova 150 Smart Telescope!

The Eastcolight Galaxy Tracker Nova 150 Smart Telescope comes with all of the great stuff you’d expect in a modern day telescope kit, with a few even more modern edges!  The kit includes:

  • The Telescope
  • A starfinder scope
  • a sturdy tri-pod
  • 3 eye pieces 20mm 10mm 4mm
  • Diagonal mirror
  • Smartphone mount (really clever piece of equipment!)
  • Manual
  • Free copy of fully unlocked Star Walk 2 for Android or iOS.  

Now then, all these pieces add up to providing your litlgeeks a truly amazing night-sky viewing experience.  The telescope pieces come together easily and sensibly.  What really makes this set stand out though, is the smartphone mount and integration with Star Walk 2.  You install Star Walk 2 on your mobile device, pop it in the mount.  You align the eye piece with the phone camera on the back, and then as you rotate and tilt the telescope, the Star Walk 2 screen will show you what stars, constellations, and planets that you are looking at.  It makes night-sky browsing and object finding a crazy simple task that anyone can take up.  Even more fun.  Once you find what you are looking for, and you have it in your view in the telescope, you can pop the mount out of its clip and place the camera eye piece over the telescope eyepiece and snap a beautiful picture!  To learn more about this and other great Eastcolight products, head to


The litlgeeks received this product for free.

This product is for kids ages 10 and up.

This video and post are for entertainment purposes only.

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