Our second in a series of a whole bunch of videos from our friends at Eastcolight features their super fun 3D Cyber Goggles!


The Eastcolight 3D Cyber Goggles hit the litlgeeks right in the fun.  If you go to about 2:30 and watch till 3:00 in the video, you will see the look of pure joy, it is not to be missed.  

With these goggles, kids can:

  • View (red and blue) 3D imagery and movies  
  • They can use them as a remote listening device
  • They can use them to listen to the radio
  • Use as a green or bright light LED head lamp.
  • Play spy! 

The litlgeeks had a blast with these in the video and they haven’t put them down since.  They love the included headphones and the swappable lenses!

The Eastcolight 3D Cyber Goggles will be available soon.  The price and where you can buy is still to be determined, but head on over to http://www.eastcolight.com/en-us/contact-us for more information!



The litlgeeks received this product for free.

The products in this post / video are for ages 8 and up.

This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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