The litlgeeks got an amazing package from their new friends at Eastcolight this weekend.  They wasted no time diving in to check out all of the fun goodies inside.  The first of those, the 2 in 1 Digital Camera Watch.  This clever little device let’s your litlgeeks tell time, take pictures, and shoot video!  The litlgeeks had a blast with it.  Let’s check it out!

The Eastcolight 2 in 1 Digital Camera Watch is a fun little device that let’s kids use the watch face to tell time.  Slide it over though, and you have a functioning camera that can take up to 80 pictures and even video!  Pictures are written to 8MB of internal storage, and you need a PC (doesn’t look like any OSX support), to transfer the photos off of the camera.  There is some light management of photos on the camera, you can change some options as well as delete photos.  The PC software is easy to install and intuitive on it’s own, and the included instructions do a good job of guiding you to where you need to go to check out your photos.

Buttons are easy to click and kids can have a blast sneaking around with their spy watch!  Due to limited storage the picture quality isn’t’ amazing, but more than enough for fun!  Also important to note, the camera will make a noise whenever a picture is taken…so it’s great for kid spy games, and you can’t really use it for evil actual spying purposes!

The 2 in 1 Digital Camera Watch will be available soon and pricing is still being worked out, so “to be determined”.  However, if you have any questions about this awesome Digital Camera / Watch, you can head on over to  



The litlgeeks received this product for free.

The products in this post / video are for ages 8 and up.

This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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