When a mysterious box showed up at the litlgeeks house from WowWee, we were excited.  When we opened it and found a Mini RC MIP, we were pretty happy.  When we dug a little deeper in the box though, and found the COJI Robot, not only were the litlgeeks jumping for joy, but they even got to scratch off a line on their Christmas list!  The COJI Robot is amazing, fun and very easy to use.  Thank you to WowWee for sending COJI to the litlgeeks for free so we could share COJI with our viewers!



The COJI Robot supports what the modern sciencey people are calling STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning.  This adorable little robot comes out of the box ready to play with tap-to-change face buttons.  You can then press COJIs head for him to act on the face he’s displaying.  There are a ton of fun activities for kids to get into with COJI this way.  You can even pick him up, shake him, and he’ll squeal and make dizzy sound effects!

The real magic of COJI comes by way of app interactivity (iOS or Android).  You put COJI next to your tablet or phone, open the app, tap a button or two and COJI is linked right up over Bluetooth!  From here, you can do a number of fun and educational activities with COJI, mazes, games, free play, and the most fun, Command Center.  The Command Center is where kids can go to actually write code for COJI to follow.  This is achieved by selecting simple visual commands and sending them to COJI.  You can then watch COJI as he executes your commands and voila!  You have just taken your first step down the path of writing code!

The litlgeeks love playing with COJI and they have so much more to learn from the play experience this cute robot offers.  You can find COJI in stores today for around $59.99 and we can’t recommend him enough!


Thank you to WowWee for the extra special Electrokidz surprise figure too! litlninja loves Liv-E!



This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 8 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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