The litlgeeks got to check out Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment’s latest Cars game for Playstation 4, Cars 3 Driven to Win!  

The Game

Cars 3 Driven to win is an expansive game that extends the movie experience of Cars 3 from the big screen to your home screen.  It picks up where Cars 3 leaves off and let’s young and old racers alike enjoy and interact with the characters and locations of the movies.

Cars 3 Driven To Win features:

  • Movie accurate cars and visuals!  It really is beautiful!
  • Over 20 cars to race and customize.
  • 20 tracks to choose from and race through, including the iconic Radiator Springs!
  • A ton of race modes are there for players to enjoy:
    • Race – it’s racin’!
    • Battle Race – race, but also blow up your opponent!
    • Stunt Showcase – show off your best stunts!
    • Best Lap Challenge – set your best lap record
    • Playground – practice stunts and racing, or just cruise around.
    • Takedown –  Collect power-ups and knock out as many crash karts for the highest score!
  • Each race mode features a new way to play and race.  Race modes besides Race and Battle Race are locked at the start of the game, players must race to unlock modes, characters and abilities.
  • 2 players can play pretty much all the time!  This is probably our favorite part!


  • Cars 3 Driven To Win is a beautiful game that looks just like the movie!
  • Controls are easy to pick up and play, which is great for the litlest of geeks.
  • 2 players can play all the time almost!
  • We wish there was more unlocked from the start!!
  • The litlgeeks give Cars 3 two thumbs up!


The Cars

The litlgeeks are thrilled to add these three beautiful die cast cars to their Cars collection!


The litlgeeks received this game for free for review purposes.

This game is rated E for everyone.

This post / video are for entertainment purposes only.

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