When Nintendo reached out to litlgeeks and MUReview a few weeks back with an offer to check out their upcoming ARMS game for the Nintendo Switch, we jumped at the chance!  We’ve been huge Nintendo fans since the very beginning, and our Nintendo Switch is on pretty much constantly.  We had a quick preview of ARMS, which you can check out HERE.  For now though, we want to go into a little bit more detail about the game, it’s modes, and all the different kinds of fun you can have with it!! So sit back, relax, and watch the litlgeeks work, or if you want to read a little more about it, keep on scrolling past the video for a brief summary of the modes and stuff you can do and our overall thoughts about the game.  Remember everyone! ARMS is out for the Nintendo Switch June 16th!!

What to Expect

Arms at it’s core is a boxing game.  A boxing game with some major springy twists!  


  • One Joy-Con
  • Two Joy-Con’s (one in each hand) – this is where the game shines allowing for actually punching in the air.  Punch to punch, bring the cons to your chest to block, you can even curve your punches!
  • Two Joy-Cons in the controller grip
  • The Pro Controller (recommended for competitive online matches for more precise real time controls)
  • Two Joy-Cons connected to the Switch



  • Grand Prix – This arcade mode offers you 10 fights, mixing in mini games like Basketball, Volley Ball and Target breaking.  You can play with one or two players.  If you go two players, each match becomes 2 on 2.  You must play through this mode on level 4 difficulty or above to unlock Ranked online battles.  Consider Grand Prix your story mode, there are even boss fights!
  • Versus – Versus has a ton of fun fighting options here!
    • Fight – One on one fight with power ups and healing pickups!
    • Team Fight – It’s two on two in this battle mode.
    • V-Ball – It’s volleyball, with an explosive ball, get it on the other side of the court away from your team!
    • Hoops – Why play Basketball with a ball when you can use your opponent!  
    • Skillshot – Break as many targets as possible using the versatile powers of ARMS.
    • 1-on-100 – Yep, beat 100!
    • ARMS Test & Training – Test mode let’s players try out all their different ARMS and characters.
  • Multiplayer modes are available that let players get to punching locally or on line!Party Match – You can hop on the Internet here into a lobby of up to 20 people and you ARMS party!
  • Ranked Match – This is where the bragging rights come in.  fight online in a ranked match! One on one, mano y mano, just me and you and my gua….  no it’s just one on one, no frills, skill vs. skill rank up!
  • Local Wireless Mode: 8 systems in the same room!?! Yes please!


The Fighters and the Arms

  • Nintendo brings us a roster of 10 colorfully designed, incredibly creative characters to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. 
  • Over 30 different ARMS to choose from that you can mix and match in all kinds of ways to give you the advantage over your opponent!



The litlgeeks have been playing ARMS since the review code showed up a few weeks ago.  They love the game, and getting to watch them play every day is a treat.  There is way more jumping involved than they should be doing at all, but it’s still very funny to watch. There is a ton of depth to the game to keep them coming back between different opponents, ARMS, levels and minigames.  While the online component isn’t something our litlgeeks are truly ready to compete in, they are enjoying it to the fullest under close supervision.  This is the most important part though, the litlgeeks are litlboys.  We are parents.  There are almost no two litlboys as brothers in the world that don’t want to hit each other once in a while, whether in fun or frustration.  A parents challenge is to not let that happen.  Enter ARMS.  Now we can let it happen and let them have fun with it!  No one gets hurt, ARMS is only a few weeks old in our house and it is already settling arguments without a push, punch, or brotherly slap!  The game is a ton of fun for one, and easily twice that for two. It’s rated E for everyone, you shouldn’t think twice about picking this up if you have a Nintendo Switch!  The litlgeeks give this their highest honor, two thumbs up!




The litlgeeks received ARMS for free for review.

ARMS is rated E for Everyone

This post / video is for entertainment purposes only.


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