The litlgeeks were introduced to our friends at Arckit at Sweet Suite 2016 and since then we have seen Arckit introduce some amazing new products.  Arckit Go Colours is brand spakin’ new, and we hope this is one of the first videos you see for it this innovative new Architectural Model Building Design Tool!


Arckit Go Colours is an amazing design tool and building set!  The set, being haild as reality Minecraft, features an incredible, innovative new build pattern and the ability to design your structures before you build using Sketchup 3D (Windows, Mac).    This amazing set, all of the amazing Arckit sets offer the fun and challenge of creation, but allow for real world application and the end results are amazing.

litlgeek ninja had a great time with his first crack at Arckit Go Colors and everything he has built since gets more and more detailed and complex.  This set is amazing, colors, curves, angles!  litlgeeks can make their own litlhouse!  It is important to note that Arckit Go Colours is recommended for ages 10 and up, litlgeek ninja is only 6, but he did a great job, with the help of a little magic!

Arckit Go Colours is available online at Marbles for $59.99.  It comes with 170 pieces+ pieces and FREE access to Arckit Digital components within Sketchup 3D Warehouse.

Arckit is also available at these fine locations:

Barnes and Noble.




This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 12 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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