The litlgeeks had so much fun at TTPM 2017, they saw so many wonderful toys.  One of their favorites was definitely the Antsy Pants play system.  As usual, the litlgeeks are lucky kids, and Antsy Pants sent them their very own kits to try out and share with you!


The litlgeeks had a great time playing with Antsy Pants, and believe me, playing with Antsy Pants went on well after the video was over.  They made structures, covered them with blankets, fortified them with pillows.  This is the play system of their dreams.  They can build the structure and cover it however they like!  We also put the washable markers to the test, and guess what! They passed, our TeePee cover came out bright and clean!  Now, this was only the small kit! The litlgeeks can’t wait till their next Target run to pick up some more Antsy Pants and take over our house!   Antsy Pants sets are available exclusively at Target and start out under $10, they go up to $79.99 for tons of play fun!  You can mix, match, store, have your own building party!


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