Sphero BB-8

litlgeeks has been sitting on talking about this litlguy for a while and we are sooo sorry!!  The Sphero BB-8 is an awesome interactive toy with great personality, and so many features to play with for litlgeeks and even biggeeks!

The Good

  • On un-boxing, BB-8 came with several modes, Patrol, Drive and Message.
  • Patrol mode sets BB-8 off on his own to explore.
  • Drive mode allows for driving BB-8 around.  You can also complete challenges, do stunts and earn new skills!
  • Message mode is really freaking neat.  You can record a message on your mobile device, then through the magic of augmented reality, point said device at BB-8 and watch as your message plays from his “eye” piece.  (BB-8 doesn’t actually project the image in the real world, the application places it correctly when viewing in the app).

The Bad

  • No included accessories.  It’s understood that the build is tiny, and since this came out before the  movie, they maybe didn’t want to spoil anything, but an attachable extending arm?  I mean, yeah i want that….
  • Initial setup, and I feel like this is probably outdated info.  We got this pretty much the week it was released.  When we tried to set it up, pairing failed and sent BB-8 into a fugue state.  We had to swap our BB-8 where we bought it for a new one and everything worked fine.

The rest

The potential for fun here is absolutely endless.  BB-8 has been in our house for 5 or so months now and he still surprises when you take him off of the charging cradle.  Credit that to original innovation, but also ongoing application updates.  This is an awesome toy, but we’d be remiss not to mention some competition it has coming with the Spin Master “life size” BB-8 around the corner in late 2016.  


The Sphero BB-8 was one of the hottest toys this past holiday season.  Now that the buy buy gimmie gimmie inferno is over, you can pick this little guy up at most places where you find electronics, but we will shout out where we got ours.  Bed Bath and Beyond.  Mark that in your books, not often you see a site like this throw a referral to Bed Bath and Beyond!


Just some pictures


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. | Toys in this post are recommended for ages 8 and up. | litlgeeks received the products in this post for free to review for you!

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