Cowabunga dudes, it’s pizza party time!  Our litlgeeks have been bitten by the Teenage Mutant Turtle bug big time!  This year we decided to try to throw them the most turtle-tastic party ever.

What we ate:

Grapes and strawberries were arranged on a platter to look like Raphael, while carrots and peppers made a cute Michelangelo.  For the eyes, we just cut some white paper, drew on some black pupils and placed them on top.







For any warm weather party, watermelon is a must, so we decided to scoop out watermelon using a melon baller to serve to our guests.  We quickly noticed that when scooped, the balls of melon looked very similar to Kraang brains, so we went with it and promoted them as such!  As a bonus, we were able to carve the outside of the watermelon to resemble a Ninja Turtle face.  Placing a glow stick inside, gave it a cool effect once night fell.







Since it wouldn’t be a true turtle party without pizza, we ordered a whole bunch of pies for our guests.

Our signature drink was toxic ooze (our turtle buddies are sewer dwellers after all).  To make the toxic ooze, we used one large bottle of green Hawaiian Punch, one bottle of lemon-lime soda, and finished it off with some lime slices.  The kids loved it!






For desert, there was a turtle themed caked form the local bakery, but there was also green Jell-O mutagen and sewer dirt.  The sewer dirt consisted of alternating layers of crushed Oreo cookies and chocolate pudding/whipped cream mixture, garnished with some gummi worms of course!

IMG_1971 IMG_1970





What we did:

Luckily, the litlgeeks are swimming in turtle figures of all kinds.  These made great table decorations.  We also decided to throw a few of their extra turtle t-shirts on some of their favorite stuffed buddies and let them come to the party too!






For centerpieces, we covered some boxes with aluminum foil.  On paper, we drew Shredder eyes.  However, if drawing isn’t your forte, you can always find and print them online too.  We glued the Shredder eyes to the covered box and filled the box with bunches of green, silver, and black balloons.

IMG_1880 IMG_1869 IMG_1868





Green paper lanterns with crepe paper bandanas hung from the ceiling.  We found the lanterns on Amazon, added the crepe paper and then glued on some additional facial features.






For the chip bowls, we simply used green Dollar Store bowls that we hot glued construction paper turtle masks to.  The glue and the masks will peel right off when the party is over and the bowls can be used again.  As a note of caution, you may want to apply the glue to the paper and let it cool a bit before applying it to the plastic bowl.  This will prevent the bowl from melting and make clean-up easier.







We were also able to find an awesome Michelangelo piñata and filled it with small prizes.  The litlgeeks loved the piñata so much that they almost didn’t want to break him apart…almost.






Finally, along the wall, we placed a giant plastic turtle mural.  The kids took turns posing for a photo and showing off their best ninja moves!






What we wore:

Since Ninja Turtle attire is pretty easy to find, everyone in the litlgeek household showed up to the party in their favorite Ninja Turtle shirt.

At the end of the day, the litlgeeks were able to retreat back to their lair, buzzing with sugar and full of turtle-inspired memories.


This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. 




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