Every true litlgeek needs a Star Wars party at some point in their lives!

What we ate:

Our litlgeek really wanted an R2D2 cake.  When we started looking online we quickly learned that finding an R2 cake mold is very difficult.  If you are lucky enough to find one, it is probably going to cost a pretty penny.  With our budget always in mind, we set out to find a cheaper, better alternative.  1 round cake and 2 sheet cakes later, we came up with something pretty neat!  To start, we took one round cake and cut it in half.  The top half became R2’s head/dome.  The bottom half was then cut into thirds.  2 of these sections were placed at the bottom of R2’s legs, and the last piece was placed at the center of R2’s body.  We kept one sheet cake almost entirely intact, only cutting off the two bottom corners on an angle.  The second sheet cake was cut in half vertically and shaped to resemble R2’s legs, then placed on either side of the body.  Once all the pieces were ready to go, we used icing in various shades of white and blue to finish it off.







All of the food served at the party had a Star Wars themed name.  We made food cards on the computer, attached them to straws and placed the straws in the hands of our Star Wars figures.  Chewbacca proudly displayed the sign for Wookie cookies, while R2D2 showed off his R2D-ritos (Doritos).  We also served Greedo’s Guacamole, Jabba the Hut Dogs (hotdogs), Bobba Fettuccine, Imperial Guard-en Salad, Luke Skywater (bottled water), and Darth Tater Tots.    Han Solo cups were available to be filled with Yoda Soda (Green Hi-C, lemon-lime soda, and sherbet punch).  After dinner, guests could snack on Storm trooper marshmallows, which were jumbo marshmallows that we decorated with black food coloring.  Edible light sabers (pretzel rods dipped in colored chocolate and wrapped in aluminum foil) and carbonite jello (blue jello with a Han Solo figure trapped inside) were also served.











What we did:

The tables were covered with Star Wars themed tablecloths.  At each table, we placed inflatable light sabers and plastic Darth Vader masks.  Blue, silver and black balloons were placed around the room.

IMG_5317 IMG_5333






As a take-home gift, guests received yummy R2 chocolate lollipops made by Auntiegeek.  The lollipops were housed in a Star Wars Lego box, so after the pops were gone litlgeek was able to use the box for his toys.






This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. 

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