To the lookout! It’s time for the Litlgeeks Paw Patrol birthday paw-ty!

This year both of the litlgeeks wanted to celebrate their birthday with their favorite Paw Patrol characters. There is a pretty decent amount of Paw Patrol themed birthday items available if you have a ton of money to spend. However, we here in the litlgeeks household wanted/needed to take a more budget friendly approach, and with that came a few DIY opportunities.

A few weeks before the party, while shopping in Dollar Tree, we stumbled across red and blue plastic dog bowls. Immediately, we realized that these would make the most adorable chip bowls for our party. At home, we printed off some of the pups’ badges and personalized each chip bowl by hot gluing the badges onto each bowl.   On party day, we filled each bowl with pawtato chips, pupcorn, and kibbles and bits (chex mix).

10-IMG_9731 03-IMG_9716











The litlgeeks really wanted to dress as their favorite characters, but the costumes were quite pricey. Heading to the local party supply store, we found plastic construction hats on clearance for 99 cents. With a few more printed Rubble badges, some ears cut from orange felt, and our hot glue gun, we were able to make personalized hats for each of our guests. For a few dollars more, we picked up a police hat and a fireman hat for the birthday boys and decorated these with felt ears and badges also.

18-IMG_9752 16-IMG_9744 21-IMG_9766 04-IMG_9719







08-IMG_9725At each birthday party, the litlgeeks really look forward to busting open a goody-filled piñata. This year we were at a loss when we realized that unless we wanted to pay top dollar for a custom made Paw Patrol piñata, we weren’t going to be able to find one. What we did find was a shiny blue star piñata at the party supply store. With a Paw Patrol logo downloaded from the Nick Jr. website, we were able to create our own for ten dollars!



template01-IMG_4559I thought I had a simple solution for our birthday cake when I decided I would just make a round cake with a paw print on top. Apparently my vision was not aligned with the litlgeeks who imagined a cake in the shape of Marshall’s face. Always up for a challenge, I accepted their proposal and set to work. To start, I used an open manila folder and sketched the outline of Chase’s face. This would become my cake template. After baking one sheet cake, I allowed it time to cool, then placed the template on top and cut around. The cake was iced with two shades of chocolate icing, a little pink for the ears, and blue and yellow for the hat. For the facial features and badge, I purchased some chocolate melts at the craft store. After melting the chocolate, I poured it into Ziploc bags, snipped off one corner of the bag and piped to the chocolate into the desired shape onto some waxed paper. Once cooled, the chocolate peeled off easily and was able to be placed directly onto the cake. I have never done this before, but will definitely do it again for a few reasons. 1. I could experiment with the designs and not worry about ruining the cake. 3. If it put it on the cake and didn’t like it, it wasn’t permanent and it could be moved. 2. I could do this well in advance of the party which became extremely convenient. 3. The kids loved the chocolate, and I didn’t have to cut the cake in a ridiculous manner to accommodate the inevitable “I WANT A PIECE OF THE EYE!” requests.

In addition to the cake, we served our guests peperoni pizza, puppy chow (pasta salad), ruffage (crudités), and a water bowl full of blueberry jello. We also found Scooby treat graham crackers in the store that made adorable looking dog biscuits!









When the party was over, each guest left with a chocolate paw print lollipop supplied by Autiegeek.







All total, not including the pizza, this party only cost us 80 bucks to put together. Fun Paw Patrol party on a budget accomplished!

11-IMG_4563 06-IMG_9723 05-IMG_9722 07-IMG_9724





This video and post is for entertainment purposes only. 

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