Thank you to all who entered our first ever litlcontest!  Thank you very much to Thunder Bay Press for the incredible books, that you can find below.

The winner of Origami Chess, Noah’s Ark Origami, Bird Origami and Pom Pom Pals Farm
courtesy of Thunder Bay Press is Rachel! Congrulations!










Now let’s have another look at these amazing books!!


Pom-Pom Pals: Pets by Laura Clempson

Pom-Pom Pals: Pets comes with everything you need to create four adorable Pets pets out of yarn and patterns.  As you can see, one of our litlgeeks now has a new friend.  He named him Cheese Doodle.

Origami Aircraft by Seth Friedman

Origami Aircraft will help the crafter in your home to create amazing aircrafts out of nothing more than paper.  It helps that the kit includes excellent materials to work with.  You will be at this for a while creating amazing pieces!

Origami Chess Cats Vs Dogs by Roman Diaz 

Mortal enemies since the dawn of time.  Craft cats and dogs, and pit them against each other in a most classic battle of chess.  Everything you need to wage war is included.  Win this in our giveaway!

Bird Origami by Seth Friedman

Origami and birds go together like macaroni and cheese and this expertly designed set gives you everything you need to soar in a most paperful way.  Win this in our giveaway!

Noah’s Ark Origami  by Seth Friedman

All the animals two by two board the ark.  Get everything you need to recreate this iconic scene in this amazing package!  Win this in our giveaway!

Pom-Pom Pals: Farm by Laura Clempson

Very similar to the Pom-Pom Pals Pets, you have everything you need to make four super-cute farm animals…and check this out! You can win this from litlgeeks and Thunder Bay Press!

Star Wars Crochet by Lucy Collin

Crochet is hard.  We learned that the second we opened this kit.  It has everything you need to create two Star Wars characters.  mommygeek is in charge of all things crafty in our home, and i ensure you that when she gets these characters done we will share them.  The book is incredibly helpful.  The litlgeeks unfortunately are not so helpful sometimes, especially when concentration is required.  That said, we know several somewhat experience crafters that have already made all the possible Star Wars characters from this book and they absolutely love it!

Disney Classic Crochet by Megan Kreiner

Make Disney characters…who doesn’t love Disney characters.  This kit will help you craft a bunch of characters, but includes materials to create two.

Peanuts Crochet by Kristen Rask

Those Peanuts, crazy Peanuts, just trying to find a way to get by.  You can make two of them with the materials included in Peanuts Crochet, and you can make the rest by purchasing additional materials at your local craft store.  You could also go to a craft store that is far away, but that is up to you.  Gas is expensive.

Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know Grades K-1 by Ruth Strother

With two little guys exiting pre-K years in short order, these amazing flash card packs are educational, colorful, informative and interesting.  We have been using these since the package arrived and the kids absolutely love them!

Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know 2-3 by Ruth Strother

It’d seem weird if copied what I just wrote for the K-1 set…but the same holds true, these are FANTASTIC!!!

Ping Ping Panda’s Bamboo Journey by Maurice Pledger 

Enjoy Ping Ping’s adventure with this wonderfully illustrated and interactive book by Maurice Pledger.

Dottie Dolphin Plays Hide and Seek by Maurice Pledger 

Dottie Dolphin shows her Hide and Seek skills in beautiful fashion with this adorable adventure.


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