Birds build nests of all shapes and sizes.  In this litlscience activity, we spend some time in a mama bird’s shoes as we hunt for materials and search for what works best when building our own warm and cozy nests.


Here is what you’ll need:




Nest building materials (yarn, cotton, paper, cloth, grass, moss, hay, leaves…)

Phase 1:

Go searching for materials to build your nest.  Our litlscientists knew that they were on a mission to find materials that were small, light, easy to bend, and comfortable enough for a baby bird.  We supplemented what we found in our backyard with some bags of raffia and moss from the store.







Phase 2:

Blow up a balloon and stand it, nozzle side down, in a bowl.


Phase 3:

Fill a bowl with one bottle of white glue.  Dip your materials into the glue and place them onto the balloon.  Continue to glue and place your materials onto the balloon until you have created a sturdy looking, upside down nest.

We took this opportunity to explain to the litlscientists that birds will use their beaks to carefully weave their nests together, but since we don’t have beaks we are using glue instead.  There are some pretty great videos on the internet that show real birds building nests, we watched a few of these before we began.

Phase 4:

Let the balloon dry overnight.

Phase 5:

Once the balloon has dried, carefully pop the balloon and remove it from the nest.  Turn the nest right side up and trim any loose pieces.






Phase 6:

Place some fake birds in the nest and proudly display your creation!

7-IMG_6233 6-IMG_6229 5-IMG_6228 2-IMG_6217 4-IMG_6224





This video and post is for entertainment purposes only

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