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The litlgeeks get to do some really neat stuff because they live really close to New York City, and …because they are the litlgeeks.  Neat stuff happens in NYC all the time!  Like this year’s Play Fair!  Going into it’s second year, Play Fair aims to celebrate all things play!  Families and kids of all ages are welcome to attend in New York City this weekend 11/4 and 11/5.  There are four sessions, 2 per day, 4 hours each, and you can pick up tickets HERE!    But, what’s really going on at Play Fair?  Well, tonight was the preview night, the litlgeeks got to check it out, so now, you can watch our video, and make a plan for your tomorrow!! Or, if you are super far away from New York City, and can’t make it, you can watch, and be a little less bummed you couldn’t make it!  You should make it though, there is so much fun to be had!  Great companies like Hasbro, Spin Master, Cartoon Network, V-Tech, WowWee, K’Nex and more are at the show floor offering you great stuff to play with, so check it out!


Ben 10 | Hasbro | Insect Lore | Empire Saber Guild | K’Nex | Leapfrog and V-Tech | LEGO | Magformers | Minecraft VR | Moose | Pressman  | Rubies | Spin Master | Toys R Us | WowWee | General Event

Ben 10

Cartoon Network was on hand with the litlgeeks favorite stop, Ben 10!  They had a fun wheel that kids could spin to win a free mask…and the litlgeeks spun and spun.  On display though, some of the fantastic and really fun Ben 10 toys from Playmates and Cartoon Network!



Hasbro always brings out the big guns for any great toy show, and today was no different, a massive Play-Doh playground, and an even bigger NERF battle arena!  Something for litlgeeks and big geeks!


Insect Lore

It’s always great to see our friends at Insect Lore!  New sets are coming in April!


Empire Saber Guild

The Empire Saber Guild took time out of their busy schedule to school the litlgeeks and daddygeek in the art of light saber combat!



Every time we see K’Nex at a show, we are more and more impressed, the sets that you can build with are insane!


Leapfrog and V-Tech

These two tech, kid friendly brands shared a booth and there was so much for the litlest geeks to love there!



Look at all those LEGO people!!



The Magformers team blew litlzombies mind with their crafty magnetic creations!


Minecraft VR

Per litlninja, “well, I guess we have to get that for Christmas”.



Moose has grown right along with litlzombie.  He started with Shopkins, and has graduated to the Grossery Gang, and Moose is right by his side feeding him yucky grossery goodness!  They also showed off a one of a kind, gold, diamond studded Shopkin!!



Makers of Catch The Fox! (Which the litlgeeks LOVED!), Pressman Goliath was there showing off Catch The Fox, and Shark Bite!



All of those amazing costumes on display!!


Spin Master

Soggy Doggy’s life size counterpart wasn’t active tonight.  The litlgeeks were bummed, but we are going back tomorrow to check it out with everyone else, the game is a hit, and the display looked amazing.  Also on display, Hatchimals!  Of all sizes!  Rusty Rivets himself was on hand, as was Kinetic Sand, Bunch’Ems, and PAW PATROL!  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Paw Patrol tonight, but we will have a look tomorrow!


Toys R Us

Toys R Us was showing off what we hope will be what appears in Toys R Us stores across the country soon, their play lab!



Fingerlings my friends, Fingerlines forever!!uch work done any time soon.


General Event

MUReview and the litlgeeks had a wonderful time, and we are now fully confident in our Jedi skills!  We can’t wait to see all the people this weekend at Play Fair!  Remember, tickets are still available, here!


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