The litlgeeks made their now annual pilgrimage to NYCC 2017.  A train ride, a subway ride, and a walk through one of the most amazing show floors set forth for any convention ever…also one of the most crowded! Ever!  They got to check out really, just a small portion of the amazing things on display, because the crowd was really that dense on Sunday October 8th at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC.  We did however, make it a point to visit our friends at Imaginext, Mega Construx, Bandai, Marvel and a few more. Check out the video, we hope you enjoy their adventure as much as they did!



The litlgeeks are massive Imaginext fans…and Imaginext is massive!! This year, they brought out the literal big guns of the BatBot Xtreme with a hyper-comic-accurate, NYCC 2017 exclusive deco.  They pulled out all the stops on this exceptional, limited, $250 piece (standard version $99 in stores now).  They also showed off a ton of great figures, including a bunch of easter eggs we hope you spotted in the video.

Mega Construx

Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon!!!  The litlgeeks can’t wait to take a crack and building the brand new sets, all scheduled to come before the end of the year.  Soon coming (end of October) a Volcano set featuring Growlithe, Pickachu and Crabby. For Christmas 2017, a Blastoise set, and a whole bunch more single packs, Onix, Ratatta, Meowth, and more!  

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