The litlgeeks have some great friends in Nintendo, and when they throw a party and invite us feeling lucky doesn’t even describe it!  Well, tonight, we got to check out the launch of the new UNIQLO line in partnership with Nintendo at UNIQLO on 5th avenue in New York City.  The Global T-Shirt Design Competition UTGP 17″.  Well, daddygeek got to check it out because it was 21 and over…but the litlgeeks got some t-shirts, a Goomba, and a sweet Mario Kart pin, so they are gonna be happy when they wake up.  

On display, all things Nintendo, all over the store.  This high fashion mecca, was adorned thoroughly in Nintendo characters an iconic images.  We’ve mentioned this new fashion line before, it’s T-Shirt focused, and beautifully designed featuring Nintendo characters from all points of their rich history, Mario, Pikachu, Link, Zelda, Samus, Splatoon and more.  The designs that you can start buying now online and in store tomorrow are all must have.  25 different designs, presented by fans to Nintendo, hand picked by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto and the Nintendo team out of over 15,000 submissions!  Shirts come in kids sizes, and adult sizes up to large!

Tonight was a wonderful celebration of this new line and all things Nintendo.  Apart from the clothing, in theme drinks were served, there was a Mario Kart contest (that unfortunately thanks to an aggressive train schedule I missed), crane machines, arcade cabinets and more.  Passed snacks, included fire flowers (flower shaped watermelon, on a peel of something over a piece of cheese) and turtle shell cake pops!  

Nintendo knows how to throw a party, UNIQLO knows how to throw a party, and thanks to both of them, you can get hands on the awesome clothes they are bringing out for you!  Check out the quick video and the gallery for some of the fun, and all of the designs!  

Thank you again to our friends at Nintendo for having us out for the fun, it was great to see you!








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