The litlgeeks had a whole day to get into all kinds of fun activity at HASCON 2017 on Saturday, day 2.  What did they see?  Well, apart from the video package below, and all the toy pictures below that.  The litlgeeks were treated to a really well organized, well run toy show from their great friends at Hasbro.  Hasbro did an outstanding job of mixing the show up so that there was a lot of something for everyone.  Collectors had great exclusives and reveals and panels, but kids got the most attention.  Every booth had multiple interactive play areas, scavenger hunts abounded, giveaways were all over the place, and of course a Hasbro Toy Shop right in the middle of the floor.  The litlgeeks will be heading back to HASCON for one more day today to check out a few panels and a costume contest, so expect to read about that tomorrow.  For now though, thanks so much Hasbro for having us down to the show!


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I’ve been trying their whole lives to bring the litlgeeks into the light of Transformers.  They’ve always appreciated, but HASCON has cracked the code.  They want a Trypticon!! I get to get a Trypticon!  Transformers offers something for fans of all ages, from Rescue Bots, to Robots in Disguise, to collector classes of figures and movie lines.  Don’t forget, amazing mobile gaming!  



The Marvel booth at any show is always a highlight.  HASCON is no different.  Hasbro showed off all of their great Marvel toys from Marvel Legends action figures to great Spider-Man role play toys.  One of the coolest places in the booth, the Marvel Legends how figures are made section, showing off 3 D modeling and prototyping!  


Star Wars

All thing Star Wars were to be seen, life sized roaming droids, the Emperor’s throne, Black Series figures and vehicles, light sabers, X-Wing helmets, Forces of Destiny reveals, Land Speeders, Rey’s vehicle, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and more.  Star Wars is going to be on the Christmas list of litlgeeks all the way up to biggeeks!



From Sesame Street to Mr. Potato Head, the Playskool booth had a ton of great activities for litlgeeks.  Tattoo painting, sit and spin, and Potato Head stations for days!



The litlgeeks are crazy for Trolls and there was so much fun at the Trolls booth, including getting your hair did!  Like a troll!  Troll dolls, Troll toys, Trolls operation!




Littlest Pet Shop


Fur Real Friends


My Little Pony








Dungeons and Dragons 






GI Joe


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