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One of the last booths we had a chance to stop at was to visit our friends at TILT.  They introduced the litlgeeks to one of the coolest, most innovative technologies we’ve ever seen, and we are going to call it our toy of show!

The good folks over at TILT have gone and fully blown our minds with their product.  Spin Tales as an interactive augmented reality experience with the “play mat” for the experience being a textile based product.  In this case, a duvet (bed spread for us less fancy folks).  You lay out the duvet, point your camera enabled device with app installed at the duvet, and…away you go!  Their first product is what is shown in the images and video, Spin Tales, featuring some great fairy tale adventures.  This first foray into augmented reality textiles will set you back $99.99.  We don’t have a release date to share with you yet, but we are hoping to be able to bring this to you right out of a Magic Box at some point in the not so far future!



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