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Spin Master is a favorite stop on any toy show floor.  They offer amazing toys with great licenses like Paw Patrol and…Star Wars!

I’m just gonna pop a tidbit about Star Wars right here…I asked when the giant Interactive BB-8  was coming…they wouldn’t tell me. I pouted, they still wouldn’t tell me.  Oh well..maybe NYCC…they did mention they’d have announcements there…so I will continue to dream.

On to the order of the day for Spin Master at Holiday Of Play…Hatchimals.  We are inching closer and closer to Hatching Day! October 7th!  You can get your pre-order on at Amazon for  Hatchimals.

What is a Hatchimal?  It’s a creature, in an egg.  No one knows what it looks like except some of the folks at Spin Master who have managed to accidentally poke a hole in an egg or two.  When you buy your Hatchimal, be! careful!  As you unpackage the Hatchimal, don’t be rough with it, it’s an egg, eggs break.  The object is to nurture and warm the egg until it hatches.  When it hatches, you have a new friend!  10/7, get crackin!


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