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PlayMonster always brings such a great spread of toys out to show the kids at toy shows like Holiday of Play and today was absolutely no different!

Roominate is a fantastic building / STEM toy system that we first got eyes on at Toy Fair 2016.  It features the ability to build structures, homes, and put in interactive and mechanical features like ceiling fans into the designs.  Kits extend beyond the home, like with the Roominate Cotton Candy Carnival.  Build a ferris wheel! The sky is the limit! Seriously, a working ferris wheel!?!

My Fairy Garden offers litlgeeks adorable fairy garden playsets with real growing plants and flowers! Each kit includes EVERYTHING you need to make a beautiful little, actually living fairy garden!

litlgeeks has but one regret from the PlayMonster table…we didn’t get a picture of the marvelous Janis in her Fairy (garden) costume!

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