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The folks at Moose have a sure fire holiday 2016 hit on their hands and you can buy it now.  We got a closer look at Holiday of Play, and the surprise is…that while Shopkins and Quixels are going to do fantastic for them…it’s a puppy that will take you in with it’s adorbs!

Moose brings us Quixels 3D for Holiday 2016, fantastic spin on the Quixels brand bringing a new dimension of play if you will.

Moose also has Shopkins.  This is litlgeeks, if you’ve found us, you know what Shopkins are, adorable, collectible, fun!

Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy, stole the hearts of the litlgeeks.  We took the video below, sent it to the litlgeeks, and the response was…please…get us that now.  This adorable puppy allows for snuggles, reacts to pets, will fall asleep, you can feed it…it is out of this world cute, and for around $49.99, you need this under your Christmas tree!

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