Hasbro and Marvel have teamed up to bring you the craziest near-cosplay grade prop replicas at a reasonable price.  All you see below should be featured at the highly anticipated Hasbro event at Toy Fair 2016 this weekend so check back often for more info!








These new Marvel Legends role play items are set to drop later this year, probably after SDCC, maybe after NYCC, but I’m sure the hope is a Halloween time frame.

The Iron Man helmet will retail for $100.  It will be powered by three triple A batteries and include lights and sound effects.  The visor isn’t animated…but it flips up and comes off.







If you want to live on the other side of the civil war, you can snag this awesome 24 inch Captain America shield, it’s the same size as the Marvel movie shields.  The shield includes adjustable strap and features a faux metal finish.


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