Now Android Compatible!

When Happy Atoms first released last December after a successful Indiegogo campaign that drew the support of 472 backers from 32 different countries, we were thrilled for this innovative chemistry set to finally get into the hands of educators, students, and anyone and everyone interested in learning more about this often intimidating subject in a gamified way.

Throughout the years’ long development of Happy Atoms–which began with Schell Games, the award-winning game development company that came up with the idea and then luckily chose Thames & Kosmos to team up with to see it to completion–we knew we were missing a key element to its full success and widespread reach: Android support. The app was only available on iOS devices…until now!

We are extremely excited to announce that the Happy Atoms app is now available to download on Android devices!

This development allows a whole new group of students, educators, and science lovers to enjoy Happy Atoms and we know that many of our earliest supporters (Indiegogo backers and beyond!) have been waiting patiently for this news as we worked to fulfill this goal.

We didn’t do it alone, however! The Android version of the app was funded in part by the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and we are very grateful for their support and like-minded commitment to making a positive impact on young people’s lives. Learn more about the Foundation and their programs, including the STEAM Lending Library, here.


Quick Facts About Android Compatibility:

  • You can now download the app on both your Android AND iOS devices.
  • The app is FREE on both platforms.
  • The original physical components of the set (from all three versions: the Complete Set, the Introductory Set, and the Educator’s Bundle) work with both versions of the app.
  • Android requirements: Android 4.4 and up, 1 GB RAM, dual-core processor, camera.

The Happy Atoms app is available to download at any of the following links:


iOS DEVICES: From the App Store

To learn more about Happy Atoms, including its Origin StoryNews and Awards highlights, FAQs, and to download sample lesson plans and other useful resources, please visit


Happy Atoms is a molecular modeling system that bridges the analog and digital worlds. You can assemble your own molecular models using a set of 50 atoms representing 16 different elements. Then, the included app uses state-of-the-art vision algorithms to recognize the molecules you’ve created and provide information about them. The app takes you on guided quests to discover new molecules and tracks your progress, collecting sets of molecules that you’ve built and explored. Check out a video here!

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