litlgeeks got the heads up about Funoogles just a day or so ago.  Adorable, customizable eyewear for kids!  Now, the litlgeeks don’t wear glasses, yet, but the odds are totally against them in the vision department.  It’s good to know that if they do need glasses, Funoogles are a thing.  What are Funoogles? Well, the full press release is below and there is a copious gallery at the bottom of this post, but the premise is, give kids a way to customze and personalize glasses to their hearts content….interested?  Keep reading…

Funoogles, a new, innovative customizable kids’ eyewear brand that allows children to express creativity, assert individuality, and boost self-esteem by changing their eyeglasses every single day.

Funoogles is the brainchild of Jessica Darcy and her daughter, Ella-Jane, who was born with congenital cataract. Ella-Jane wished for eyewear that matched her unique and ever-changing sense style. Together, 9 year old Ella-Jane and her mother conceived Funoogles. 

How it works? 

Snap, clip, and go! Each child can easily create a new pair of Funooogles glasses every day. Funoogles’ customizable design allows kids to mix and matching their glasses by simply attaching the frames and the temples to the clear, flexible base. With a range of colorful options, children are able to create unlimited styles to fit their style and mood every single day.

Funoogles x WONDER Limited-Edition Collection

Also, launching next month Funoogles is introducing a new limited-edition collection with the soon-to-be released moving WONDER staring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson.  This capsule collection will come in a full frame clip, an outline clip, and three temples.

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