Justice League Animated Vinyl Green Lantern Bank

Somewhere along the line, piggy banks went from being piggies to being awesome display pieces.  I must have been full on asleep at the wheel when that happened.  Nowadays though, rare is the convention that I go to that isn’t packed to the ceiling with awesome bust banks or prop banks.  If it’s something someone liked at one point ever, you can probably find a bank of it.  Whether the bank is ceramic, vinyl, or plastic, the options are there and the choice is yours… Unless the bank chooses you.  As it always should, when it’s a Green Lantern.  Enter Diamond Select Toys Green Lantern vinyl bank.  This thing looks awesome and it holds money.  That’s it…that’s pretty much the whole review…ok fine, I’ll go on a little bit more.

The Good

  • I’m not gonna lie to you.  There is something intoxicating about the smell of a solid vinyl piece like this, especially when it’s fresh from the factory.
  • Green burst graphic on the front center of the lantern is enough to fool anyone that the light is actually on in day light.
  • Diamond Select Toys knocks this out of the park in the prop accurate department.
  • Coin slot on top allows for easy deposit.
  • Clean and easy opening mechanism on the bottom, the stopper turns smoothly and pops out easily so you can get at your oodles of money easily.
  • Mess with friends!  Get two.  Fill one, and leave one empty.  Walk around super strong with the empty, give your friend the full when they ask to hold it (hours of training with slight of hand required), and you can laugh and laugh as they drop it to the ground.

The Bad

  • It’d be neat of the light burst graphic on the front of the bank was glow in the dark.

The rest

If you have money, and you like Green Lantern, there is no reason for you not to get this.  Because then, less the money you spend on this, you can save your money inside this bank.  I don’t understand why I have to keep doing simple math for everyone out there, but this adds up.  Trust me.



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