Master of disguise Chase McCain is joining the team of heroes in LEGO Dimensions on May 9 with the arrival of the LEGO CITY Undercover Fun Pack.

The LEGO CITY Undercover Fun Pack allows fans of the recently released game to extend their adventure as undercover cop Chase McCain as he hunts down bad guys. We would like to work with you on a review of the new physical toy and expansion pack coming to LEGO Dimensions, and how the Fun Pack keeps the adventure of LEGO CITY Undercover alive for fans. You can find more information about the LEGO CITY Undercover fun pack below:

  • The fun pack includes a Chase McCain minifigure and police helicopter, perfect for patrolling LEGO Dimensions for bad guys.

  • As an undercover cop, Chase is skilled in the art of disguise and is quick on his feet, performing awesome moves like swinging across lamp posts and wall jumps.

  • The Fun Pack will unlock the LEGO CITY Undercover Battle Arena for fans to play any of the four Battle Modes.

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