Batman #575 Batmobile Batman Automobilia Part 7
While MUReview is not typically in the business of reviewing cars, we got a great gift from our friends at Diamond Comics.  The Batmobile from Batman 578 as part of Eaglemoss Automobilia Part 7.

We are going to stay out of the business of reviewing cars (model cars), because we just don’t have the background or basis for comparison.  What we will say though, is that this is a fantastic little car featuring a Batmobile you don’t necessarily see every day.  Right after we say that, we are going to show you some pictures of said Batmobile.  Then, we are going to say thank you Diamond Comics, this is awesome.  After we say that, we are going to say to you, our readers, hey, go buy this because we like it and we think you would too!

The Pictures

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